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We're actually being really annoying

It may sound silly, but something to think about today. We can be so focussed on what we want the horse to do and how to get our horses to comply we don’t really think about the fact that this is all our idea. I often bring this up when I can see someone getting frustrated with their horse, not only does it break the tension, it can completely change your feelings towards the situation and make you a better person for them to be around. Your horse has absolutely no idea why we want him to trot a circle past the gate, why don’t we just go out of the gate and go back to the food? That seems like the logical thing to do. Why is this human being so annoying?

Your horse did not sign up for any of this. They have no say in where they live, who they live with, when they’re stabled, when they’re turned out, what they’re fed, what their “job“ is. We control every single aspect of their lives, all our horses want to do is hang out with their pals, feel safe and eat.

They don't get to decide if they don't fancy being ridden today, and the few horses that do try to tell you are labelled naughty, stubborn, opinionated etc. There is this misplaced sense of entitlement in the horse industry that the horse somehow owes us something and if they don’t do what we want they’re difficult. Why should they do what we want?

We ask so much of them and I think we become desensitised to this. I am in awe every day that my horse lets me get on his back and listens to me, when he could quite easily not. They are such gentle, amicable creatures given the right environment and training.

Next time you’re feeling frustrated with your horse’s behaviour, when you’re asking him to do something that likely makes no sense to him, just think about this and appreciate how forgiving and wonderful they are to go along with us at all. 🐴

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