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Private training sessions

I find people get the best results from private sessions as we can really tailor the session to you and your horse as individuals and go as in depth as we need to.

I will assess your horse in all areas and help you make a plan moving forward which may involve tweaking management, getting relevant veterinary/body worker input or altering tack alongside the training. We will really look deeply at the whole horse and what might be going on.

I will leave you with a training plan and make sure you have a clear understanding of the work so you are confident to carry on the training yourself until our next session. You are welcome to message and send videos in between if you need help or clarification.

Semi-private training sessions

Do you have a friend you enjoy training with? Whether you have something specific you want to work on or you'd just like to try something new together I can offer shared sessions.

I am able to tailor these sessions more to suit you than I can with a group session/clinic and can give each of you more time individually. I will assess each horse just as I do in the private sessions and we can have a more in depth discussion regarding your issues and how to move forward.

It works well if you and your training partner have similar aims but the foundational work is important for everyone so don't worry too much if you just want to give the sessions a try.


Group sessions/clinics

Minimum 3 horses per group, maximum of 4 so there is time to give everyone individual attention. We can run several groups on the same day to make a clinic.

I run these as "groundwork foundations" clinics where we will discuss the basics of connection, relaxation and how to start to influence healthy posture. If you would like to run a regular group session with the same people we can start to cover further training as suited to the group.

I like to keep these groups low-pressure and open to anyone who'd like to give it a go, you don't need to have a ridden horse or any experience.

These sessions are not suitable for horses you are having complex handling issues with as it is unfair to others in the group. You must be able to handle your horse safely in a headcollar and be okay around other horses to join. If you need help to get to this point please book a private session.


If you'd like to enquire or ask for more details please contact me here



Alternatively you can visit my Facebook page where you can see some of the horses I'm working with and see a little more about my way of thinking with horses.

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