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What can I help with?

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Behavioural Issues

I can assess and offer support on many common behavioural issues such as napping, bucking, barging, planting, biting, hacking issues, riding issues, seperation anxiety etc.

I approach all cases through the lense of behavioural science and will always put the horse's best interests ahead of getting a quick "result". Many of the ideas we have been taught about horse behaviour have been misinterpeted and I can help you understand what is actually going on so you are better equipped to support your horse.

Improving performance

Have you been plugging away for years and your horse still feels stuffy and behind the leg? Or no matter how hard you try your horse feels resistant to the contact and every ride feels like a battle?

I can help you look at things a little differently and we can start to unravel what is going on and how we can improve things. Many of our horses are stuck in dysfunctional movement patterns and we need to gently show them a healthier way to move through progressive, calm training. Any healthy horse can be trained to be a responsive, balanced and calm ride.


Confidence issues

I have supported many people with confidence issues over the years. I find that learning to really read horse behaviour and understanding what is actually going on can empower people to make that steady progress towards their goals.

I really enjoy helping people enjoy their horses again.



Whether you would like to learn to lunge, long rein or have your horse trotting up perfectly in hand, groundwork is often an overlooked skills. I truly think groundwork is just as much of a skill as riding when done well.

I can help you recognise healthy posture and movement patterns and show you how to influence your horse positively so you can actually improve their way of going.


Phone Consultations

I have started to offer phone consultations at £30 an hour where I can assess any video you'd like to show me, we can discuss your issues in-depth and I can offer appropriate advice.

I have found these to be really useful if you live further afield or if you'd like to get a better feel for how I work before committing to an in-person session.

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