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Kind and calm horse behavioural training, coaching and problem-solving covering Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire/Hertfordshire and the North East/North Yorkshire areas.

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Are you having issues with your horse?


I offer a horse-centred view of training to both horses and their humans. Do you feel nervous or frustrated because you don't understand or cannot predict how your horse is going to behave? Do you want to move towards a different way of training but aren't quite sure where to start?

I work by assessing the whole horse and not necessarily just the training aspect as there are so many factors that can be affecting behaviour and performance. The importance of the horse's needs being met in their daily life cannot be overstated when it comes to their effect on training. It may be that I can help you make some management tweaks or point you in the direction of other professionals who can support you to help your horse.

I am fascinated by behavioural science and it can really help us understand our horses on a deeper level, when we start to look at things a little differently it can really open the door to a much better way, even if it feels a little uncomfortable at first.

Every time we are with our horses we are training them whether we realise it or not, both while riding and during day to day handling. We are all our own horse's trainer. When things aren't going well it is not fun for either of you. I can help you understand how your horse is trying to communicate with you and better read their behaviour so you can develop a kinder, more enjoyable relationship.

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England, United Kingdom

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