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What can I help with?


I offer 1-on-1 sessions at your yard or remotely. The first session will start with an inital assessment then move onto some training as appropriate, leaving you with a better understanding of what is going on with your horse and a path forward with support.


Behavioural Issues

Training starts to look different when we focus on helping the horse feel comfortable to perform the task rather than just getting the horse to perform the task.

I can assess and offer support on many common behavioural issues such as napping, bucking, barging, planting, biting, hacking issues, riding issues, separation anxiety, vet phobia etc.

I approach all cases through the lense of behavioural science and will always put the horse's best interests ahead of getting a quick "result".


Many of the ideas we have been taught about horse behaviour have been misinterpeted and I can help you understand what is actually going on and how we can genuinely help the horse feel better rather than just getting them to comply.

Improving Performance

Have you been struggling away for years and your horse still feels stuffy and behind the leg? Maybe your horse is returning from lameness and you're not sure of the best way to support them? Or you've been told you need to improve your horse's straightness and posture but have no idea where to start? I can help you look at things a little differently and we can start to unravel what is going on and how we can improve things.


Many of our horses are stuck in dysfunctional and compensatory movement patterns which heavily contribute to poor performance, schooling issues, tension and soreness. We can gently show them a healthier way to move through progressive, calm training. Any healthy horse can be trained to be a responsive, balanced and calm ride.


Relationship building

Maybe you don't have any big issues with your horse but feel your relationship could be better. When we learn to notice our horse's subtle communication and be aware of our own energy around our horses, it opens up the door to a much deeper, more fulfilling relationship.

So many activities we do with our horses are catered towards the humans enjoyment, but there are so many ways we can enjoy quality time with our horses where we both enjoy it. This is real relationship building.

I can help you understand your horse better and teach you how to help your horse build positive associations with you.



Groundwork can offer us so much more than just moving a horse's feet around and establishing boundaries. How we handle our horses every day has a huge impact on their emotional state and posture. If we become more aware of how our horse is feeling and moving, and in turn how we are feeling and moving around them, we can make huge changes in their ridden work and also their daily lives.


I can help you recognise healthier postures and movement patterns and show you how to influence your horse positively so you can actually improve their way of going and how they feel in their bodies.

Whether you would like to learn to lunge, long rein or have your horse trotting up perfectly in hand, groundwork is often an overlooked skill. I truly think groundwork is just as much of a skill as riding when done well.


Phone Consultations

I offer phone consultations where I can assess any video you'd like to show me, we can discuss your issues in-depth and I can offer appropriate advice.

I have found these to be really useful if you live further afield or if you'd like to get a better feel for how I work before committing to an in-person session.

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